Payment and pricing

Prices on the Conference Monitor website are in Australian dollars and include GST unless otherwise stated.

All invoices must be paid by the due date specified by Conference Monitor. Should debt collection or legal action be required to collect payment any costs incurred will be passed on to the subscriber's organisation.

Payments for licences are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Conference Monitor reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate services at any time.


Single-venue licence

A single-venue licence is only for use by people booking conferences for the specific venue named in the licence.  Conference Monitor is not to be shared, reproduced or redistributed to other venues even if they are operated by the same company.  Our licences are linked to venues and not companies.


Multi-venue licence

Our discounted multi-venue licence rates are available for organisations that have more than one venue.  Only the venues named in the multi-venue licence can access Conference Monitor and it is not to be shared, reproduced or redistributed to other venues unless they are included in the licence.  Contact us to include more venues in your licence.  Fees apply. 



All Conference Monitor content is protected by copyright and provided as a service for subscribers. It is a breach of our copyright to republish or redistribute Conference Monitor content without written permission from Sponsorship News Pty Ltd, the publisher of Conference Monitor.

Conference Monitor reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate licences or other agreements at any time, without liability.


Fair usage of your Conference Monitor licence

Do not forward or share Conference Monitor login details or email alerts. Forwarding a Conference Monitor email alert jeopardises the security of your details, including contact information, subscription history and permissions.


Fair usage policy

The Conference Monitor fair usage policy is designed to ensure subscribers are aware of the sensitive information we publish.

We understand that there are occasions when you want to share a particular lead with others but doing so can breach the terms of your licence agreement. 

Under our fair usage policy:

Subscribers can print paper copies of any article published by Conference Monitor for distribution and/or display within the venue named in the licence.  They cannot be passed to other venues within your organisation unless they are included in a multi-venue licence.


Printed articles must not be altered in any way and should clearly display the Conference Monitor logo.


Subscribers are not permitted to:

Forward any email update from Conference Monitor - this is a breach of our copyright. Forwarding our emails also compromises the security of your account, your personal information and can block your access to the site.

Make or distribute web copies of articles published by Conference Monitor.

Share subscription login details with another party.

If you have any questions about this policy or Conference Monitor, please contact us on (+61 2) 9267 3800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .